Workshop 2 | Disrupting talent acquisition: How AI tools can help uncover, attract and retain top talent
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10:30am - 11:15am

Recruiting top talent is tough at the best of times, and given the current climate, it’s especially difficult.

Our recent State of Recruitment report revealed the pressure facing SMEs as they compete with massive multinationals for talent, with 89% struggling to match salaries offered by larger organisations. As if salary expectations aren’t high enough, the average job now costs £3089 to advertise (up 68% year-on-year) and can take 31 days to fill. White-collar SMEs are in the toughest spot with higher advertising costs and turnover rates, and 17% of new hires leave within the first six months.

Any of that sounding familiar? Well, we’re working on a way to help SMEs uncover talent easier, attract them to their business and keep them engaged in their position. All with a little help from AI.

Join Ollie Russell and Damon Anderson as they discuss:

  • Some of the challenges SMEs are facing when recruiting new talent

  • How harnessing new AI tools and technologies doesn't just offer efficiency, but opportunity; bringing you closer than ever before to available, qualified talent

  • Serena Haththotuwa
    Serena Haththotuwa
    Business Features Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Damon Anderson
    Damon Anderson
    Managing Director UK
    Employment Hero
  • Ollie Russell
    Ollie Russell
    Head of UK
    Employment Hero
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2023 State of Recruitment Report UK
2023 State of Recruitment Report UK