Breakout | Tackling Bias: Tech and Strategies to help make Talent Acquisition even more inclusive
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Session Details
11:15am - 11:45am

There are unprecedented efforts to reduce bias in hiring across the UK. What strategies are working best? And what part can technology play in this momentum?

Join Lauren Tait (UK Team & TA Lead, AssessFirst) as she tackles this critical issue head-on, providing you with insider knowledge and strategies to help you drive more inclusive hiring.

You will:

  • Learn how to identify and address bias in your recruitment process

  • Discover ways to reduce bias with actionable steps and practical strategies

  • Arm you or your team with take-aways to help you build future DE&I business cases

  • Liam Soutar
    Liam Soutar
    Deputy Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Lauren Tait
    Lauren Tait
    UK Talent Acquisition Lead
  • Chance Bleu-Montgomery
    Chance Bleu-Montgomery
    Partner Support Manager
    Bridge of Hope Careers
About AssessFirst

AssessFirst is a European leader of advanced behavioural assessments that can help you to find the right candidates for the right roles. With a unique combination of behaviour, motivation and cognitive ability assessments, you can leverage AssessFirst’s advanced machine learning: improving workforce performance, decreasing staff turnover, increasing diversity and bias-free hiring plus driving Talent Acquisition impact across your organisation.