5th December 2023
9:40am - 9:45am

Kieran Howells, Head of Content introduces the event and talks about the challenges and opportunities HR has faced over the past year in attracting, engaging and retaining talent.

We look forward to a day full of practical workshops to explore solutions to these people problems.

  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
9:45am - 10:30am
Workshop 1 Technology & People

Work as we know it has changed forever. New technologies have emerged, unlocking pathways to frictionless global expansion and revolutionising the way businesses operate.

G-P's research found that 79% of employees want to work for a global company. This means the timing has never been more suitable for organisations to embrace a global growth mindset. That said, hiring a global workforce is not without its obstacles.

So, how can companies access talent across borders quickly and compliantly?

Join Barry Rudden, Global Third-Party Director at G-P, to learn about Global Growth Technology™, a new category that provides companies with all the tools they need to customise, streamline, and accelerate growth — anywhere in the world.

During this thought-provoking, virtual workshop, you will learn:

  • Key challenges and opportunities of expanding your workforce globally

  • How to navigate the legal landscape of international hiring

  • Technologies role in helping your business through expansion

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  • Jenny Holliday
    Jenny Holliday
    Senior Features Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Barry Rudden
    Barry Rudden
    Global 3rd Party Director
10:30am - 11:15am
Workshop 2 Resourcing

Recruiting top talent is tough at the best of times, and given the current climate, it’s especially difficult.

Our recent State of Recruitment report revealed the pressure facing SMEs as they compete with massive multinationals for talent, with 89% struggling to match salaries offered by larger organisations. As if salary expectations aren’t high enough, the average job now costs £3089 to advertise (up 68% year-on-year) and can take 31 days to fill. White-collar SMEs are in the toughest spot with higher advertising costs and turnover rates, and 17% of new hires leave within the first six months.

Any of that sounding familiar? Well, we’re working on a way to help SMEs uncover talent easier, attract them to their business and keep them engaged in their position. All with a little help from AI.

Join Ollie Russell and Damon Anderson as they discuss:

  • Some of the challenges SMEs are facing when recruiting new talent

  • How harnessing new AI tools and technologies doesn't just offer efficiency, but opportunity; bringing you closer than ever before to available, qualified talent

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  • Serena Haththotuwa
    Serena Haththotuwa
    Business Features Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Damon Anderson
    Damon Anderson
    Managing Director UK
    Employment Hero
  • Ollie Russell
    Ollie Russell
    Head of UK
    Employment Hero
11:15am - 11:45am
Breakout Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

There are unprecedented efforts to reduce bias in hiring across the UK. What strategies are working best? And what part can technology play in this momentum?

Join Lauren Tait (UK Team & TA Lead, AssessFirst) as she tackles this critical issue head-on, providing you with insider knowledge and strategies to help you drive more inclusive hiring.

You will:

  • Learn how to identify and address bias in your recruitment process

  • Discover ways to reduce bias with actionable steps and practical strategies

  • Arm you or your team with take-aways to help you build future DE&I business cases

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  • Lauren Tait
    Lauren Tait
    UK Talent Acquisition Lead
  • Chance Bleu-Montgomery
    Chance Bleu-Montgomery
    Partner Support Manager
    Bridge of Hope Careers
11:45am - 12:30pm
Workshop 3 Technology & People

Generative AI tools are already fundamentally changing how candidates apply for jobs. According to our latest research, 72% of students and recent graduates are using some form of generative AI on a regular basis.

Getting an authentic view into a candidate’s potential to succeed is now harder than ever –– ChatGPT can now outperform the average candidate on traditional psychometric assessments and TA leaders are reporting that 100s of CVs and application forms now look the same.

The result? Recruitment teams are already seeing a mismatch in the quality of a candidate’s application and their performance at assessment centres.

TA leaders who don’t act now to rethink their selection process have some big challenges on their hands: but where to start?

Join our speakers as they discuss how to capture a more authentic insight into a candidate’s true potential to succeed –– from scrapping the CV to finding more accurate, scalable, ChatGPT-resistant ways to assess a candidate’s skills in the selection process.

This virtual session brings together together leading voices in people-driven technology.

They’ll uncover:

  • Insights from 2,000 students and recent graduates into how they’re using Generative AI - and how they expect employers to respond

  • How screening tools like the CV are redundant in the age of skills shortages and Generative AI: what you can replace them with to unlock the skills your talent pool

  • The tried and tested approaches industry leaders have taken to overcome the skills shortage, embrace the age of Generative AI, and capture a more authentic insight into candidate’s potential to succeed

Don’t miss this opportunity to make sense of Generative AI in TA and join the skills-based hiring revolution.

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  • Jenny Holliday
    Jenny Holliday
    Senior Features Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Robert Newry
    Robert Newry
    CEO & Co-Founder
    Arctic Shores
  • Martyn Redstone
    Martyn Redstone
  • Mark Whitehead
    Mark Whitehead
    Senior Product Manager & Assessment Lead
    The Adecco Group
  • Gemma Aldridge
    Gemma Aldridge
    Head of Talent Acquisition UK & Ireland
12:30pm - 1:15pm
Workshop 4 Resourcing

The talent acquisition market has never been more turbulent than it is today, with talent shortages in key growth areas, layoffs in others and a workforce with shifting priorities; getting the right people with the right skills to join, and stay at your organisation can be tough.

Join the Cornerstone team for this interactive session where we will discuss the simple step of bringing it all back to basics, current market and technology trends to watch out for, the role of ethical AI in TA, and the importance now more than ever, of looking inwards for the skills you need for today and the future.

Looking at three ways of sourcing talent - building it internally, buying it in from outside or borrowing it for projects and gigs, this session will:

  • Remove the noise and bring you back to the basics of talent acquisition

  • Take a look at the current market and technology trends impacting TA

  • Show you how you can plan and build a workforce for the future from within

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  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown
    Regional Director
  • Tricia Leigh
    Tricia Leigh
    Director, Solution Consulting
1:15pm - 1:20pm

Kieran Howells, Head of Content looks back on the key insights and discussions from the event.

If you missed any workshops, don't forget you can catch up on all of them on demand by following the links in the agenda. If you thoroughly enjoyed the event, please do share it on your social channels and with your colleagues.

  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine