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23rd September 2020

Daniel Cave, Head of Content at HR Grapevine explores how the pandemic has impacted employee wellbeing and how organisations can support and protect their employees – focussing on the latest insights that HR leaders shouldn’t forget.

The holiday firm’s Culture Chief shares what the pandemic has meant for engaging with their people and the kind of benefits that firms now need to be delivering for staff.

  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Stuart Bagnell
    Stuart Bagnell
    Chief of Culture

The wellbeing of your workforce often dictates whether your organisational culture is healthy or not – with follow on benefits for engagement, productivity, and staff retention if it is.

However, so many factors impact staff wellbeing - highlighted by the experience of the last six months - especially mental wellbeing. Yet empowering employees to keep a check on their mental wellbeing can be the difference.

Getting buy-in from senior leadership to focus on the mental wellbeing of the workforce can be difficult, though – especially when ROI or impact can’t be easily or immediately quantified.

To help, this session will showcase the importance of a proactive approach to mental wellbeing and explore how to secure backing for the investment in the mental wellbeing of your people.

Join to discover:

  • What factors influence the wellbeing of your people inside and outside of work

  • How to consider these factors in order to proactively support your people

  • What can organisations do to secure senior buy-in for the long run

  • Dr. Nick Taylor
    Dr. Nick Taylor
    Clinical Psychologist & CEO
  • Samantha Madeiros
    Samantha Madeiros
    Head of Employee Relations
    Thales Group
  • Helen Chapman
    Helen Chapman
    People Services Manager
  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Deputy Editor
    HR Grapevine

With reports that the UK economy has suffered its biggest slump in over a decade, many organisations will face a difficult time ahead. As budgets are tightened, cost-cutting measures will likely come into play – including the limiting of pay reviews and bonuses as well as a focus from leadership teams on how to minimise company-wide expenses. Organisations need to be creative and innovate, rebounding from limitations to find new ways to support their employees. Join us to learn:

  • How HR Leaders can be the hero that their people need by looking at their benefits and wellbeing programs to boost employee disposable income and productivity

  • How to enhance your Employee Value Proposition while extending employee income with a world-class employee benefits programme

  • How to put employee wellbeing into focus and provide practical support for employees with budget-friendly initiatives

  • How to maximise usage of your benefits and wellbeing programme by differentiating your communication

  • Debra Corey
    Debra Corey
    Chief 'Pay it Forward' Officer
    DebCo HR
  • Mike Hughes
    Mike Hughes
    HR Advisor
    Hakim Group
  • Rachel Kelly
    Rachel Kelly
    Internal Communications
  • Nicola Kent
    Nicola Kent
    Head Of Organisational Development
  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine

In a live session with Daniel Cave, Head of Content at HR Grapevine, Karen reveals how she has maintained wellbeing and engagement with her workforce during the pandemic.

  • Karen Bates
    Karen Bates
    People Director
  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine

In an ever-changing environment, businesses are considering how to get back up and running quickly whilst encouraging customers to interact in the safest possible way. However, a wider set of challenges that companies need to consider include:

  • MANAGING the wellbeing of employees and customers in new ways

  • MAINTAINING operations through unprecedented disruption

  • ACCELERATING the pace of digital transformation

The Vodafone Business / IBM venture can help businesses become more resilient. During this session, panellists will share examples of how both companies are managing the health and wellbeing of employees around the globe, discuss best practices, and reveal how our combined technologies can help your business.

Privacy policy: Vodafone Business

  • Nick Wright
    Nick Wright
    Senior Health, Safety & Wellbeing Manager
    Vodafone Business
  • Anthon Muller
    Anthon Muller
    Global Lead 5G Cloud Applications & Analytics
    Vodafone Business
  • Kevin Elliot
    Kevin Elliot
    Industry Consultant
  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Deputy Editor
    HR Grapevine

One in six UK couples face fertility challenges and nearly 70,000 IVF treatment cycles are carried out every year. This is a huge burden for many employees, having a detrimental impact on their emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. There is also a surge in demand for single people and LGBTQ+ when it comes to proactively taking care of their reproductive health.

And, at a time when employers are placing greater focus on employee health, HR shouldn’t overlook this crucial piece of the wellbeing puzzle. Therefore we are delighted to host a session that explores the organisational benefits of proactively addressing employee fertility challenges as well as providing inclusive and cost-efficient solutions for them.

Discussion will include:

  • Why fertility and reproductive health in the workplace remains a taboo

  • A case for fertility support in the workplace - why is now the time?

  • How to take the first steps towards building a supportive, open dialogue environment

  • How an inclusive and cost-effective approach to employee benefits can increase retention, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity in your workforce

  • Hema Wara
    Hema Wara
    Product Director
  • Tony Chen
    Tony Chen
    Founder & CEO
  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
In this special session, Sara Williams will take us through a short meditation exercise to align body and mind. She'll illustrate some simple techniques you can use every day, to release stress, focus your thinking and be more at ease.

This routine can be done anywhere, anytime so don't be afraid to jump in and take part.
  • Sara Williams
    Sara Williams
    Wellness Practitioner & Meditation Expert

Work-Life Blend is a big aspect of wellbeing, particularly for working parents. Recently, the scales have weighed down on both sides with an overload of working and schooling, all played out on camera during lockdown, not to mention the various new and normal pressures of the summer. How do employers help working parents sustain the next phase of the marathon, working around re-opening schools and emerging ways of working while delivering their workload in Q4?

Join us to learn:

  • What have leading employers done during the pandemic to engage parents of all genders and what will come next?

  • Gain direct insights from the thousands of working parents we coach and train each year at large, leading employers. What’s on their minds and what do they expect and want from employers as we move into Autumn

  • Identify how to build a blend of no-cost and low-cost options as well as understanding the trends on larger programmes at a time when culture, purpose and engagement are at a premium, and many working families are exhausted.

  • Jennifer Liston-Smith
    Jennifer Liston-Smith
    Head of Thought Leadership, Coaching & Consultancy
    Bright Horizons

Daniel Cave provides a short wrap up of the key themes from the day.

  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine