Session 3 | Developing your people: What can leaders do now to survive and thrive in a hybrid world?
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There is so much out there right now about the hybrid working situation and what this means for managers and employees, this session aims to ‘cut through the noise’ and suggest that if those who lead people focus on 3 core facets they will be well ahead of most.

First we’re going to talk about managing yourself, because a leader who isn’t managing themselves well cannot hope to move onto the second core facet; leading with empathy; and finally once you’re there; you’re ready to set the direction and trust your people to determine the route to achieving success against the goals you set together.

  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Jessica Brannigan
    Jessica Brannigan
    Lead People Scientist
    Culture Amp
  • Ben RainforthGott
    Ben RainforthGott
    Group HR Director
    Clarion Housing
  • Richard Roberts
    Richard Roberts
    People Director
    Pure Planet
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