Session 2 | How to return to employee productivity in a changed working environment
Alight Solutions
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Session Details

Even before last year’s disruption, many UK companies were already transforming the employee experience and evolving their businesses, but these programs had to be adapted and delivered with workforces experiencing a different working environment throughout 2020/21. In some cases, the challenges could not have been greater for business, as their employees adjusted to these new ways of working and their use of enabling technologies.

In this session, Alight's Marcus Beaver will be joined by three HR leaders who will share how have continued with their HR transformation programs, despite challenges, in order to enable their businesses to adapt and their employees to collaborate and thrive.

The discussion will cover:

  • How existing transformation initiatives were accelerated by disruption

  • The new and unexpected approaches to employee experience being adopted

  • What the next set of tech-enabled changes might look like for businesses and their people

  • Liam Powell
    Liam Powell
    Group HR Director
  • Marcus Beaver
    Marcus Beaver
    UKI Country Leader
    Alight Solutions