Session 4 | Going digital and proactive: Meeting the needs of our employees at every stage of their journey
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Session Details

The pandemic shifted perceptions of mental health and has made organisations reprioritise their strategic wellbeing roadmaps.

Unmind CEO and Co-Founder Nick Taylor is joined by Arti Kashyap-Aynsley (Ocado), Ashley Cope (WeWork) and Elaine Bremner (MediaCom) to discuss how proactive digital mental health platforms are instrumental in ensuring a mentally healthy workforce and empowering leaders to drive positive cultural change across their organisations.

This session will discuss:

  • Importance of a proactive mental health strategy to ensure long-term employee wellbeing
  • Ensuring that mental health support is scalable and accessible in a hybrid working model
  • How digital mental health platforms cater to the needs of your entire workforce, where ever they may be located
  • Arti Kashyap-Aynsley
    Arti Kashyap-Aynsley
    Global Head of Health and Wellbeing
  • Ashley Cope
    Ashley Cope
    Head of People Partners EMEA
  • Dr. Nick Taylor
    Dr. Nick Taylor
    Clinical Psychologist & CEO
  • Elaine Bremner
    Elaine Bremner
    Chief HR & Talent Officer
About Unmind

Unmind is built on the belief that everyone has the right to a healthy mind.

Our workplace mental health platform empowers employees to proactively measure, understand, and improve their mental wellbeing, while giving managers insight into the mental health of their people, enabling them to drive cultural change.

We take a whole-person approach to supporting employee wellbeing, focusing on seven key areas of life – sleep, coping, health, calmness, fulfilment, happiness, and connection. Our clinically-backed tools include self-guided L&D programmes, in-the-moment exercises, and mental health and wellbeing assessments, all available anytime, anywhere.

We're building mentally healthier workplaces with some of the world's leading organisations, including TSB, Uber, John Lewis & Partners, ASOS, and the NHS.

Our vision is to create a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured, and celebrated.