Session 1 | Performance management in the new world of work
Clear Review
Clear Review
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Session 1
Performance management in the new world of work
Session Details

Since the start of the pandemic, firms have had to iterate quickly, pivot to new normals and evolve to meet the demands of changed working conditions. In all, it proves that ‘agile’ isn’t just a buzzword – many of the firms that are thriving now are being just that.

Applied to performance management in this changed world, ‘agile’ can also have measurable benefits. Highlighted by this crisis – and in a world where work is remote or blended – agile performance management can boost productivity, if implemented correctly.

Therefore, this panel discussion will showcase:

  • Real examples of what agile performance management looks like

  • Tips and advice on implementing a more agile approach whilst remote

  • Why technology is key to enabling your people to be agile

  • Natasha Wallace
    Natasha Wallace
    Founder, Author and Workplace Wellbeing Expert
    Conscious Works
  • Stuart Hearn
    Stuart Hearn
    CEO & Founder
    Clear Review
  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Deputy Editor
    HR Grapevine
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Maximising productivity in the new normal
Maximising productivity in the new normal