Session 1 | How People Empowerment Will Transform Your Business
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Session 1
How People Empowerment Will Transform Your Business
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Empowering people to boost performance sounds simple enough, and both are certainly laudable concepts for any business to aim for, but how simple is this to accomplish and how can results be effectively judged?

To find out how a sound and measurable people-empowerment strategy can be created, in a world of digital transformation, join this panel discussion with Sam Sheriff, Chief People Officer at Symphony RetailAI and Steve Rycroft, Senior Director of Account Management at Cornerstone, as they discuss:

  • Why a fully integrated HR software must have an organisation’s people at its heart to be truly successful

  • How Learning and Upskilling throughout an organisation and its wider ecosystem can hold the key to empowerment

  • How regular employee engagements empower your teams, and also benefit business growth

  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Sam Sheriff
    Sam Sheriff
    Chief People Officer
    Symphony RetailAI
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