Session 4 | Keeping your people engaged during disruption
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Session 4
Keeping your people engaged during disruption
Session Details

In the last decade companies have become incredibly frustrated with traditional employee listening approaches - creating a wave of new players and a shift in methodologies. But is this shift really going far enough? And why are many of these new players not fundamentally changing the game when the technology exists to help you rewrite the rule book?

Qualtrics, the Forrester Wave leaders in Employee XM, will talk through 4 key areas where technology can help create game changing results. The discussion will include:

  • No more annual surveys - How you can continuously listen and improve the experience for employees in real-time, whether in the office, remote or on the road

  • Foster your culture - Understand the benefits of taking a proactive approach; fix problems before they’re ingrained in your culture, and come together as one team

  • Drive immediate change - How integrating employee insights into your existing systems can ensure no experience goes neglected, and priority areas are acted on in real-time

  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Deputy Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Phil Pringle
    Phil Pringle
    EX Solution Strategist
  • Sally Winston
    Sally Winston
    Head of EX Solution Strategy
About Qualtrics

Qualtrics is an experience management platform that allows you to optimise your employee, customer, product and brand experience all on one platform. Become a decision maker in your organisation - collect data, prioritise and act.