Session 3 | What impact has the pandemic had on digital HR Transformation?
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Session 3
What impact has the pandemic had on digital HR Transformation?
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The pandemic forced many firms, whether they wanted to or not, into digital ways of doing. Yet, the impact on individual organisations will have been varied, dependent on sector, size and how far they were along in their digitisation journey.

In order to figure out what impact coronavirus has had on HR’s need and ability to digitally transform – including a look at what comes next - join this panel discussion with HR transformation and technology leaders from IBM, Tate & Lyle and Workday to:

  • Gain insight into the digital HR transformation journeys of globally recognised organisations

  • Hear how the pandemic has impacted HR’s ability to support the business and continue the digital transformation journey

  • Learn how to progress your digital HR transformation despite the current challenges

  • Daniel Cave
    Daniel Cave
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Jon Lester
    Jon Lester
    Director Service Transformation & Automation
  • Neal Barnes
    Neal Barnes
    Director, HR Effectiveness & Process Excellence
    Tate & Lyle
  • Richard Doherty
    Richard Doherty
    Senior Director Product Marketing EMEA
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