HR Technology 2.0

Driving people empowerment

3rd & 4th November 2020 | 10:00am GMT

How can you empower your people to boost performance throughout uncertain times?

What short-term fixes are you looking at to evolve into strategic pillars for HR?

How can the solutions you choose now work in the long-term?

We have never seen a more rapid, or challenging, adoption of technology in the people function. A period of disruption such as this is never without roadbumps, but HR professionals now have an unparalleled opportunity to turn technological enablement into people empowerment and business success.

In order to learn how to do so, join HR leaders and technology experts for a virtual event that explores these new opportunities - learning how to embrace them at every level, from strategic planning to day-to-day best practice.

Engage with thought-leaders and peers to answer your pressing tech empowerment questions and to be inspired with innovative approaches for integrating technology and empowering the people function.


Get insights on how to adapt and expand your strategy to embrace new technology

Find out how other HR leaders are using technology in unexpected and exciting ways
Best Practice

Learn tips on how to shape new tools to enhance you daily operations

Hear from panels of tech experts and HR leaders, with interactive sessions for you to ask burning questions

Take part live or review on demand, chat with peers and take part in polls as part of a completely digital event
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Our partners are an integral part of the HR Grapevine VIRTUAL experience, hosting dedicated sessions and creating meaningful touch-points with our attendees, there are no parallel steams so everyone can be heard.

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Our virtual platform:
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Our unique virtual platform is designed to offer our audience an unforgettable, interactive experience. Join us to engage with peers and industry experts in this completely digital event.