26th September 2023
9:40am - 9:45am
Reward, Salary & Payroll

Kieran Howells, Head of Content introduces the event and talks about the challenges HR has faced over the past year to ensure that they are doing the best by their people in terms of wellbeing, benefits and recognition.

We look forward to a day full of practical workshops to explore solutions to these people problems and find ways to create a positive work ennvironment.

  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
9:45am - 10:30am
Workshop 1 Reward, Salary & Payroll

If you’re feeling the pressure to keep up with changing employee expectations, you’re not alone.

Employees now seek a range of incentives, benefits and experiences that go beyond financial remuneration. They yearn for a work environment that values their contributions, offers growth opportunities, promotes work-life balance, and provides meaningful recognition for their achievements. Understanding and meeting these expectations can foster a highly motivated and engaged workforce, leading to increased productivity and retention.

This is why Gethin Nadin, Chief Innovation Officer at Benefex, and Georgia Rule, Head of Total Reward at the AA, will delve into the key employee expectations when it comes to rewards in the workplace and explore strategies for organisations to effectively meet these expectations while cultivating a thriving and rewarding work culture.

During this interactive, virtual workshop, they will explore:

  • Why employers need to build a better deal for employees

  • How the AA overcame challenges with their dispersed workforce and built a stronger culture

  • The results they’ve seen after overhauling their offering across all areas of the employee experience – including benefits, recognition and wellbeing

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  • Jenny Holliday
    Jenny Holliday
    Senior Features Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Gethin Nadin
    Gethin Nadin
    Chief Innovation Officer
  • Georgia Rule
    Georgia Rule
    Head of Total Reward
    The AA
10:30am - 11:15am
Workshop 2 Wellbeing

As the lines between 'working' life and personal life blur, leading HR practitioners grapple more and more with the complexities of life for working parents and carers. With employers still competing to attract and retain talented employees, elements such as well-supported parental leave and robust policies and practice to support family life are essential.

However, how do you know what ‘good’ looks like?

It's this subject that we'll explore in our session. Hear from our panel about what works in practice, as well as the results from new research covering the offerings of over 500 employers.

Join this lively, virtual conversation, as Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership with Bright Horizons convenes a panel of leading employers to unpack the ways organisations can and do support with family life from children to elders to pets.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Gain timely insights into the options to help working parents and carers achieve career success alongside a healthy work-life fit.

  • Hear newly-released research into what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to family support for over 500 leading employers

  • Take away actionable tips and advice for your own workforce

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  • Jennifer Liston-Smith
    Jennifer Liston-Smith
    Head of Thought Leadership
    Bright Horizons
  • Katy Berry
    Katy Berry
    Senior HR Business Partner
    Stephenson Harwood LLP
  • Iole Matthews
    Iole Matthews
    Head of Coaching Services UK
    Bright Horizons
11:15am - 11:30am
Fireside Wellbeing

Access to actionable data is crucial in all aspects of business decision-making, from supply chains to sales. So why should it be any different when it comes to managing employee wellbeing?

Kieran Howells, Head of Content at HR Grapevine will be chatting with Lauren Berkemeyer, Chief Marketing Officer at Yulife about the importance of data collection in creating wellbeing strategies and how organisations can assess the effectiveness of these strategies, optimise resources, and enhance the overall employee experience.

During this fireside chat, Lauren will touch on some key stats from the recent research from Yulife. Some of the findings include:

  • Only 37% of HR leaders rely on data to make most HR decisions

  • Only 1 in 5 have the data they need and know how to make a business case for wellbeing with it

  • 73% say that being data-driven is one of their key priorities in the next 12 months

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  • Liam Soutar
    Liam Soutar
    Online Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Lauren Berkemeyer
    Lauren Berkemeyer
    Chief Marketing Officer
11:30am - 12:15pm
Workshop 3 Wellbeing

Mental health isn’t a problem to be fixed – it’s potential to be harnessed. This is the mindset of organisations that hit financial targets, attract top talent, and enjoy high performance.

But to be confident your wellbeing strategy is working, and to continue improving your workplace for your people, you need meaningful data, and tailored interventions. From empowering leaders to make data-driven decisions to putting proactive and reactive tools in the hands of employees – cultural change is everyone’s business.

Join this panel discussion to learn:

  • Why a high-performing team is a mentally healthy team – and how to show that to your company.

  • How to measure workplace wellbeing in a way that demonstrates its impact on the bottom line.

  • How to promote wellbeing-centred performance at all levels – from the front line to the c-suite.

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  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Dr. Nick Taylor
    Dr. Nick Taylor
    Clinical Psychologist & CEO
  • Kate Thomas
    Kate Thomas
    Employee Engagement Manager
    Wales & West Housing
  • Carrie Kebble
    Carrie Kebble
    Partner - Employee Experience, Wellbeing & Inclusion
    Thales Group
12:15pm - 1:00pm
Workshop 4 Wellbeing

Our research shows that the most successful financial wellbeing initiatives are the ones that are championed from the top. So, how can HR engage the C-suite more effectively and what role can they play in improving employee financial health?

This interactive, virtual session will provide a unique opportunity to hear from 2 CEOs and 1 CPO about how to cultivate a culture of financial wellness that starts at the top.

During the session, you will:

  • Get inside the minds of executives and understand what they care about most when it comes to financial wellbeing

  • Equip yourself with strategies to inspire and engage your CEO and executive team to become advocates internally

  • From retention to pay, learn how to assess the ROI of financial wellbeing programs

  • Learn how you can foster financial resilience in your teams and empower employees to take control of their finances (while avoiding appearing paternalistic or intrusive)

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  • Jenny Holliday
    Jenny Holliday
    Senior Features Editor
    HR Grapevine
  • Ruth Handcock
    Ruth Handcock
    Octopus Money
  • Helen Mullings
    Helen Mullings
    Chief People Officer
    PA Consulting
  • Nimesh Shah
    Nimesh Shah
    Blick Rothenberg
1:00pm - 1:05pm
Reward, Salary & Payroll

Kieran Howells, Head of Content looks back on the key insights and discussions from the event.

If you missed any workshops, don't forget you can catch up on all of them on demand by following the links in the agenda. If you thoroughly enjoyed the event, please do share it on your social channels and with your colleagues.

  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine