Employee Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing
Tuesday, 26th September
Inspiring a Healthier, Happier Workforce

Organisations have come to realise that their greatest assets are their people. To attract and retain top talent, companies are increasingly focusing on providing comprehensive employee rewards, benefits, and wellbeing programs. These initiatives go beyond a simple paycheck and aim to create a positive work environment that nurtures employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall wellbeing.


Join us, as we return for two insight-packed days at Employee Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing 2023. Featuring workshops, Q&A sessions and fireside chats covering every aspect of how organisations can support their people to ensure a positive and productive workforce.

Get ideas from a host of experts that can be scaled and adapted for your business.
Discover new practical approaches to reward, benefits, and wellbeing challenges.
Get the answers you need in sessions led by experts and tailored to your pressing questions.

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Our partners are an integral part of the HR Grapevine Virtual experience, hosting dedicated sessions and creating meaningful touch-points with our attendees, there are no parallel streams so everyone can be heard.

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Our Virtual Platform

Our unique virtual platform is designed to offer our audience an unforgettable, interactive experience. Join us to engage with peers and industry experts in this completely digital event.