Preparing your employees for retirement in a digital world
HUB Financial Solutions
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11:15am - 12:00pm

Many employees are asking questions around their pension and post-retirement life earlier than before.

ONS data from February 2022 revealed that 77% of adults aged 50 – 59 have left their jobs sooner than they had expected. Given this, it’s important to connect with the percentage of employees leaving work and how it is impacting their wellbeing.

“How do I get my pension, what’s the best way to plan for retirement and how do I consolidate multiple pensions?” These are all questions that employees are most likely to ask when approaching retirement.

For employees, planning for retirement could be overwhelming. For employers it is important to recognise these concerns. When your colleagues feel financially well they bring that confidence to their roles.

In this virtual workshop, Adrian Cooper, Director of Business Development at HUB Financial Solutions part of Just Group plc will offer insights on how business and HR leaders can ensure that their employees are supported while they navigate what life after work could look like through:

  • Offering better digital support and guidance for employees around pensions

  • The benefits of developing an HR driven retirement policy

  • Ensuring that any financial decisions are safe and free from scammers

  • Kieran Howells
    Kieran Howells
    Head of Content
    HR Grapevine
  • Adrian Cooper
    Adrian Cooper
    Director of Business Development - Destination Retirement
    HUB Financial Solutions
About HUB Financial Solutions

HUB Financial Solutions is part of Just Group plc, a FTSE-250 financial services company.

We aim to offer financial wellness for tomorrow by helping your colleagues feel confident today.

We have years of experience working with a wide range of employers across the UK to help them support and empower their colleagues through financial wellbeing.

We’re currently the UK’s largest broker of guaranteed income for life solutions.

As a Group, we’ve helped more than 650,000 people achieve a better later life through our solutions and services. Our customers trust us to manage nearly £25 billion of their pension savings.