Online Workshops

Employee Reward, Benefits & Wellbeing 2022

27th September & 4th October

Learn with us
Key steps to creating a mentally healthy organisation
  • Dr. Nick Taylor
  • Kelly Metcalfe
  • Neil Hunsworth
  • Erik Niewiarowski
Key ways to ensure the wellbeing and retention of working families in uncertain times
  • Jennifer Liston-Smith
  • Mirka Slater
  • Karen Harbisher
Beyond the Cost of Living: How to support the long-term financial health of your employees
  • Erik Niewiarowski
  • Anasuya Iyer
  • Jamie Broadley
Why data is key to building a healthy and productive organisation
  • Kieran Howells
  • John Ryan
  • Dr. Michael Burchell LLC
Why line managers are the key to mastering employee wellbeing
  • Luke Bullen
  • Karl Simons OBE
  • Daniel Strode
Leading wellbeing: Managing the tricky paradox of wellbeing and performance
  • Annastiina Hintsa
  • Erik Niewiarowski
  • Dr. Noémie Le Pertel
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