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Employee Benefits, Health & Wellbeing

28th September & 5th October 2021

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Your people have spoken: How will you create the ultimate employee engagement strategy?
  • Adrian Warren
  • Katie Rose
  • Stacey Richards
  • Karen Oosthuizen
Workshop 1
Empowerment: The secret building blocks of happy, healthy, high-performing teams
  • Nick Gallimore
Workshop 2
Why you need to engage new parents and retain their talents in the hybrid world
  • Jennifer Liston-Smith
  • Iole Matthews
  • Justine Thompson
  • Nileena Premchand
Workshop 4
How can digital mental health solutions support the employee experience?
  • Dr. Nick Taylor
  • Steve Howells
  • Cat McKie
Workshop 3
7 key ways employers can improve employee health and wellbeing
  • John Ryan
  • Sarah Balmforth
  • Lorna McAdoo
Workshop 4
People analytics: How to use data to monitor and support employee wellbeing
  • Daniel Cave
  • Grainne Shaughnessy
  • Helen Armstrong
Workshop 3
Supporting the financial wellbeing of your employees
  • Kieran Howells
  • Harriet Shepherd
Workshop 2
How to deliver an Employee Value Proposition that attracts, retains and engages top talent
  • Alexandra Powell
  • Kenneth Wardhaugh
Workshop 5
From Baby Boomers to Gen Z: What should you do to create a benefits package fit for purpose today?
  • Leigh Dauncey
  • Cali Gold
  • Matthew Sarre
Workshop 1
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